One night, two plays! June 1-11


by Chris Thorpe

directed by Will Detlefsen

"In our minds, we're reasonable. Everybody thinks they're right." 

Chris is a self-defined liberal. Hoping to discover his own political biases, he sets out to talk to someone with whom he profoundly disagrees. 

Glen is a self-professed white supremacist. As he and Chris talk, their conversations move from common ground to fundamental opposition and back again in this frank, funny, and at times brutally honest play, which takes a hard look at the nature of political bias and asks, "Is it ever possible for liberals and conservatives to understand each other's point of view?"

 Tickets: $15-45 online, pay-what-you-can at door
 Season Ticket: $125
 Artist Season Pass: $50
 Under 25 Season Pass: $25


by Steph Del Rosso

directed by Will Detlefsen                               

“We live far away from him but he is always close to us. The way to him is unknown but many yearn to reach him.”

In a Kingdom with no ruler, ten thousand birds set out to find a King none have ever seen. Led by the wise Hoope, the birds journey through dangers, distractions and difficulties, their Conference growing smaller each day.

Adapted from the celebrated Sufi poem by Farid ud-Din Attar, this lyrical parable is a timeless reflection on the search for meaning on a journey toward something larger than ourselves.  


Brooklyn Preserve
1433 12th Avenue
Oakland, CA 94606

JUN 1 - JUN 11
Thu, Fri & Sat Evenings: 8pm  
Sunday Evenings*: 7pm
*Sun, Feb 19: 2pm 



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