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A house divided against itself cannot stand.

At the dawn of the American Civil War, President Lincoln cited this Biblical metaphor as a warning to the country.

In 2017, the pall of this unheeded wisdom weighs upon us all. 

We face an age of growing polarization. Our time, as Hamlet noted, is indeed out of joint. Our challenge is how, amid divisive politics dehumanizing social norms, we can continue to find our humanity through one another.

Income inequality in America is astronomical—and growing. A resurgence of overt racism has infected mainstream politics. Suicide rates are rising. The norms of democracy are regularly undermined.

The language of “us” and “them” has re-emerged in everyday discourse, and the number of voices competing to be heard can make it hard to recognize the ways in which we are deeply, irrevocably, inescapably tied to one another.   

As a community divides, it weakens. Too often, a basic regard for the humanity of our neighbors becomes the first casualty.

But harmony doesn’t mean homogeneity. Unity doesn’t mean uniformity. 

How, in a time out of joint, do we fight for our values without losing our humanity in the process?

This is the question we are exploring through the seven ambitious plays of our 2018 season—which comprises legendary classics alongside new adaptations, and world premieres from artists across the country.

We are excited to be re-incorporating several site-specific productions into the season, which allow disparate communities to share a visceral experience of one another’s worldview.

And we are thrilled to be offering, for the first time ever, pay-what-you-can subscriptions for the entire year: choose your price and become part of an unforgettable season with us, and filled with stories designed to inspire conversation, compassion and courage.

“We are because of you.”

We look forward to sharing this journey with you.


Michael Socrates Moran
Executive Director