You can help Ubuntu Theater Project raise $10,000 through a matching grant

If we can raise $5,000 between April 15 and July 15, the East Bay Community Foundation will match it with another $5,000! This generous opportunity from the East Bay Fund for Artists has been awarded to support the commissioning of new work: specifically, our upcoming production of Rashomon.

At Ubuntu, we believe that theater has a unique ability to capture diverse experiences of the world, foster conversation and inspire compassion, and Rashomon embodies these core principles as it examines one event from multiple viewpoints. We are thrilled to be working with beloved Bay Area playwright Philip Kan Gotanda on his new adaptation of this iconic Japanese tale, which will play alongside Conference of the Birds as the final production in our 2017 Season. 

Donations can be made online here, or at the door when you come to see one of our performances. For each donation to count toward this matching grant, the foundation needs names of individual donors, so we cannot accept anonymous gifts for this grant opportunity (you’ll receive a tax receipt directly from the foundation to verify your gift).

Your support is a vital part of what creates and sustains Ubuntu—not just the theater company, but the varied and rich breadth of experiences and conversations that make up our community. We exist, and are who we are, because of you!