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Highlights froM The          Off-Broadway Premiere

"...To The Bone is one of the best dramas currently playing in New York.  It’s a gritty, realist play...   The characters are vivid and individualized, the dialog terrific, and the issues matter."
-Yvonne Korshak
"Elements of the script are truly remarkable...[Ramirez] provides audiences with an unflinching look at the dark side of the American dream, where one wrong move can get you kicked out of the country. Her writing, more often than not, is pure poetry, entirely convincing, and believably human."
-David Gordon, TheaterMania

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To the Bone

by Lisa Ramirez
directed by Michael Socrates Moran

March 31 - April 23

Brooklyn Preserve
1433 12th Avenue
Oakland, CA 94606

When you are unseen, how can you seek justice? When you don't have a voice, how can you defend your rights?

Diving into one of the most explosive conversations of the American political landscape, TO THE BONE follows five undocumented immigrant women struggling to survive the harsh realities of life at an East Coast poultry factory. The limitations of friendship, family bonds, dignity and dreams are put to the test in this timely, textured drama from Lisa Ramirez (Exit Cuckoo, Ubuntu Theater Project 2016).

Inspired by interviews with undocumented immigrant workers in a poultry factory in upstate New York, Ramirez's play reveals the strengths and weaknesses, dreams and nightmares of one voiceless segment of the American workforce, and serves as a fierce and fervent cry for women’s rights, immigrants’ rights--and ultimately, human rights. 



MAR 31 - APR 23
Thu, Fri & Sat Evenings: 8pm  
Sunday Evenings: 7pm 

 Tickets: $15-45 online, pay-what-you-can at door
 Season Ticket: $125
 Artist Season Pass: $50
 Under 25 Season Pass: $25






Lisa Ramirez* (playwright)
Sarita Ocón*
Wilma Bonet*
Carla Gallardo
Juliana Aiden
Francisco Arcila
Juan Amador
William Hartfield


*Appears courtesy of Actor's Equity Association

Interview with playwright Lisa Ramirez

Behind the scenes